Government and Institutions

I Recycle, You Recycle, WeRecycle

Do you want to give your constituents an easy way to find trash cans and recycle bins, as well as a forum to express the need for them in various locations? If you are a community or institution leader, you can register with WeRecycle and do the following:
  1. Mapping trash cans and recycle bins so that your citizens can open WeRecycle and find their nearest bin (if you have your cans and bins mapped already, just send us the coordinates and we can get them in the database without you having to re-log/map them!).
  2. You can download trash can and recycle bin data you log (.CSV file) so that you can use it in your own maps and software as you see fit.
  3. You can download data from citizens requesting trash cans or recycle bins. You can sign up for notices to alert you when people request a trash can or recycle bin be placed in your community or institution (coming soon!).

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